Warm Up Tips Before a Soccer Game

tipsWritten by Soccer Garage

Warming up before a soccer game is important for three main reasons. First and most importantly, a good warm up helps to prevent the risk of an muscle injury during the match. Secondly, when the muscles are warmed up, the agility of the player is accrued and this ensure a constant release on energy and strength. This enables to player to give a consistent performance without feeling tired. The third reason is that the warm up acts as a psychological incentive to get the player focused on the game.

Before a warm up session and when the body is at rest, the muscles tend to remain cold and quite stiff. When muscles are warmed up, they loosen up and become more flexible. Warmed up muscles facilitate movements such as stretches and rotations.

When a warm up is properly carried out and the stretches effectively done, strains and muscles tears can easily be avoided during a match. Having an appropriate jersey according to the local temperature contributes to keeping muscles consistently warm. In order to carry out a warm up session, a player may start with short and sharp warm up drills. This is effective in achieving a quick warming of the body. In most cases, however, a session of at least fifteen minutes is recommended to ensure that all the muscles are adequately warmed up. With habit and experience, coaches and soccer players can come up with their own warm up routine to target muscles and regions.

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