The Man’s Guide to Skincare, Beards, & Grooming in 2016

To look good and feel good each day, you need to be more conscious with your grooming habits. Are you envious of a man who does nothing but catches the attention of every woman he meets while walking down the street? Well, it is all about keeping yourself looking great and presentable. Here are some tips to how you should take care of your face and skin:

For Your Face

Cleansing your face is the most ideal way of starting your day. You can take one scoop of coarse sea salt and then massage that all over your wet face. This will exfoliate your skin to buff away any dead skin present and lift any ingrowing hairs. Also, you can use coconut oil mixed with avocado and butter that can soften the skin while vodka and lime would tone and brighten your skin. You will be surprised to see the transformation of your skin in no time.

Wear Mask

You will not die if you wear a mask. This is not just suitable for women as opposed to what you might be thinking. Treat your face to a facial mask every week to maintain your healthy glowing skin, fight any skin threat and keep yourself look good just like your favorite actor. You can use fresh peppermint which can cool your skin as well as stimulate the flow of blood. Kaolin is another good ingredient that can deeply cleanse and draw out skin impurities while the anti-bacterial honey is the best superhero for your skin. It is also a conditioning and cleansing ingredient which also acts as natural preservative.


After treating your skin, the next thing to do will be to get it protected. It is where you should consider the use of a facial moisturizer. It soothes and also hydrates the skin. The best facial moisturizer is the one that contains good ingredients such as Aloe Vera and wheatgrass. You just have to look for a good product to try today and see how it can help you maintain the goodness and youthful look of your skin.

Don’t Forget to Shave

Whether you have to or you prefer to, wet shaving is one good thing for your skin. The market is filled with shaving soaps and creams that are aimed to offer a protective sheet for your skin that will be between the skin and the blade. It will also soften the hair. You need to use a sharp razor when you shave so there will be no hair left uncut. Remember that it is important to change the blades that you use on a regular basis.

When it comes to taking care of your skin and face, it is very essential to look for products that will help nourish and protect your skin. Do not forget to look at their list of ingredients. Make sure that the skincare products that you buy are all made using natural ingredients. It will be best to read some review for the meantime about the products that you’re planning to buy before you add them to your cart.
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