Why are football players so fit?

football players so fitWritten by Soccer Garage

If you have been following the FIFA World Cup these past few weeks, you will find that there is not a single footballer out there that is overweight! As a matter of fact, majority of them are even considered as hunks or eye candy by female fans. And to tell you the truth, it takes more than just soccer shoes and soccer goals to get bodies like those. It takes hours of practice, drills, as well as conditioning at the gym. Of course, it also means that their diet is controlled and properly managed as well. You can consider their bodies as well-oiled machines that are the next best thing to perfect. Their metabolism is crazy fast, and they can consumer thousands of calories a day without having to worry about it because they burn all of it. And besides burning calories, it takes a considerable number of calories as well to fuel bodies like that because the amount of muscle that they have is definitely much higher than the regular person. Of course, you will notice that they aren’t like NFL players that are incredibly buff and muscle-bound. On the contrary, their bodies are very lean wherein the amount of muscle in their bodies are in proportion to their frame. That translates into a very nice body that looks sculpted, lean and very strong at the same time as well. If you want a body like that, then you better start training as well to get in the best shape of your life!


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