• Basic Soccer Equipment

    Written by Soccer Garage Soccer is one of the few spots where very little equipment is required. The only real necessity is to have good soccer footwear. Part of this is due to the need for lightweight gear and mobility that has to be maintained for at least 90 minutes. Here is a quick head […]

  • Take the Pitch with the Right Shoes

    Take the Pitch with the Right Shoes

    Written by Soccer Garage It doesn’t matter what kind of league it is. You could be playing a professional soccer league. You could be playing in a local league where everyone meets in the pub afterwards. Whatever the case, you want to play your best. You want the glory of winning and all the bragging […]

  • How to Pick Soccer Cleats

    How to Pick Soccer Cleats

    Written by Soccer Garage Picking the right soccer cleats could be a very challenging task. If you are confused with the variety of sports gear and equipment available, you might want to consider the tips below to choose your perfect shoes. Find a good sports shoe store Whether it is a physical store or an […]

  • Warm Up Tips Before a Soccer Game

    Warm Up Tips Before a Soccer Game

    Written by Soccer Garage Warming up before a soccer game is important for three main reasons. First and most importantly, a good warm up helps to prevent the risk of an muscle injury during the match. Secondly, when the muscles are warmed up, the agility of the player is accrued and this ensure a constant […]

  • Why are football players so fit?

    Why are football players so fit?

    Written by Soccer Garage If you have been following the FIFA World Cup these past few weeks, you will find that there is not a single footballer out there that is overweight! As a matter of fact, majority of them are even considered as hunks or eye candy by female fans. And to tell you […]

  • Show Your Soccer Support

    Show Your Soccer Support

    Written By Soccer Garage With the world cup coming up, a lot of people have been going gaga over soccer merchandises like soccer jerseys. Some people will want to get their hands on these especially when it is custom made or if it has their favourite soccer player’s name on it. Soccer has always been […]

  • Training Equipment for Soccer

    Soccer is a sport that requires intense conditioning, and lots of practice on the fundamentals. Few team sports are so physically demanding, and rarely do players get a chance to rest in the midst of a game. There are a number of drills coaches can run to reinforce passing, accurate shooting and dribbling. But teams […]

  • Tips for Getting Back Into Soccer

    Written by Soccer Garage As people struggle to get back into shape after some time off, many of us realize our best bet was simply sticking to the things we loved to do as kids. Think how much exercise you used to get back then. Now while I’m not suggesting we all chase frogs or […]

  • Here are Tips to Buy the Right Pair of Soccer Cleats

    One of the nice things about soccer is it’s a pretty affordable sport, especially when compared to many alternatives. To play, all you need is a shirt, shorts, some cleats and shin guards. Of course, a ball helps too. But cleats deserve extra attention because they’ll make all the difference in your game. Now, more […]