• What You Need to Know About Clean Eating

    If think that the term ‘clean eating’ has something to do with a diet, think again. By definition, it simply means to nourish your body with whole or clean foods. To clarify, it also means eating foods that are available in their natural form such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains as well as free-range and […]

  • Beautiful skin and other benefits from colon cleansing

    Guest post is provided by Coleanse Diet. Colon cleansing leads to improved blood circulation and that in turn tone your skin and improve skin color. That’s why you need Cape aloe and Bentonite clay rich Coleanse Diet. Why risk cosmetic surgery when you can get beautiful skin from colon cleansing? A detoxified colon can lead […]

  • 3 Signs of Over-Exercising

    Guest post submitted by Coleanse. Being motivated to exercise remains the greatest challenge for a majority of people yet there’s a distinct group of people who struggle to take it down a notch, in terms of exercising. In other words, they exercise too much in not being able to discern how much is truly enough. […]

  • 3 Rules for Maximum Results with Your Workouts

    It’s what most bodybuilders fear the most – the plateau. This is when your body become acclimatized to your routine and results in wasted time when it comes to the results you might seek.   In order to prevent this, here are 3 bodybuilding rules that work best for quicker results:   #1: Increase the […]

  • Fitness Motivation Tips That Will Keep You Working Out

    Most people start fitness sessions because they want to lose weight and look good. This is very good motivation, but it will not keep you going for a long period of time. The reality is that exercising can be really frustrating and people tend to give up really soon. You need to find your motivation […]