Basic Soccer Equipment

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Soccer is one of the few spots where very little equipment is required. The only real necessity is to have good soccer footwear. Part of this is due to the need for lightweight gear and mobility that has to be maintained for at least 90 minutes. Here is a quick head to toe guide to soccer gear:


These soccer uniforms are made of lightweight fabric, usually synthetic. The newer ones use wicking fabric they keep players dry. These used to be expensive and only available for authentic soccer gear but now are widely available.Ā  A recent development is that manufacturers are making jerseys specifically for female players.


There are no specific rules to shorts, just that they are comfortable and do not restrict movement in any direction. Some wear baggy or tight.


Soccer socks are worn up to the knee. They are made from cotton or a thick fabric. The most important part of this is that it must protect your feet from the cleats and cover the shin guard.

Shin Guards

These are important at any level of team soccer play. They protect your shins and different levels are work by diferent positions. Strikers for example wear smaller while defenders wear larger more protective guards.


Comfort and a proper fit are important here, mainly to reduce or eliminate the chance of injuries. In addition properly fitted shoes will also last longer due to the wear and tear spread evenly to engineered areas.


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