4 Easy Ways of Burning Fat Without Going to the Gym

Burning FatWith it being summer now, getting a bit of exercise and burning off some calories can be the best thing for you. It’s easier than during the winter holidays too.

However, the gym isn’t the only place where you can burn some calories. That said, here are 4 easy ways for you to engage in fat loss:

#1: Gardening

Gardening can serve two purposes: one, to get the yard to look beautiful while also getting some exercise. When you constantly bend and squat to reach plants, this results in exercise for your glutes. Not only will your garden make your neighbors envious but also you will end up burning 136 calories.

#2: Tennis

At almost 272 calories per session, it is a good idea to play tennis with a neighbor, friend or even a spouse. The best part about playing this sport is that it doubles both for an aerobic workout as well as strengthens your arms as a result.

#3: Surfing

Not only do you get to cool off when surfing but this activity also helps you to burn off some calories. In order to get the most out of your surfing, make sure you paddle as hard as possible so as to increase your heart rate. Every time you surf, you will burn at least 102 calories.

#4: Biking

Biking can be a great way to travel short distances while also working your quads and hamstrings. It definitely burns more calories than walking and riding uphill will definitely strengthen your legs too. Everytime you bike around, you can burn atleast 204 calories.

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